RELOCATING WITH CATS: Recommended Pet Relocation Services


RELOCATING WITH CATS: Recommended Pet Relocation Services

Moving can be a daunting experience... throw cats into the mix and it can be extremely stressful. Pet relocation services can help relieve the stress, but which one should you choose? Gaynor Southwood shares her experience.

Destination: The UK | Lived in Dubai: 12 years

Tell us about your cats. Did you bring them with you or did you find your babies in Dubai? All my babies are middle eastern kitties! Mr. Jeeves was our first rescue and after he stole my heart it was hard not to add more to our growing fur family. And we somehow ended up with three.

What were your biggest concerns and fears about travelling with them to the UK?  My biggest concern was their safety, the process from them leaving my home and getting back to the UK and the stress it was going to put them under. Their care and safety once out of my hands was what worried me the most. Not being in control of that was pretty hard going for me. 

What were you looking for in a pet location company? All three of my babies have snub noses, so I needed a pet relocation agent that was experienced in this to ensure no hiccups occurred last minute. I also needed someone who was able to put my mind at ease, even though I have worked with animals and know animals are more resilient than we realise, I was on the other side and now putting my trust with someone else was very challenging!

What other companies did you look at and why did you ultimately choose DKC? I looked at Pawsome Pets and Pet Express; both are very professional and lovely. Ultimately for me the fact DKC had been doing this the longest was what made me decide to go with them and their experience with relocating snub-nosed animals. 

Were you pleased with their service? Amy at DKC exceeded all my expectations. She settled my nerves and worries straight away. It was a very stressful time in our lives, but Amy took the worry of getting my cats home away from me. Even when I was being neurotic and emotional she was just fabulous. Amy made the whole experience very stress free, she went above and beyond for us and I am eternally thankful she was the one getting my cats back to the UK and keeping us as a family. 

What were some of the frustrations/obstacles you had to overcome in order to get your cats ready for the trip? What do people need to be aware of when moving their pets to a new country? I wouldn't say we had many obstacles since Amy at DKC really knows her stuff. Unfortunately, however, it was all very last minute due to unforeseen circumstances. DKC pulled it out the bag for us and managed to rush them out of the country before the flight embargo started on snub-nosed animals (snub-nosed animals are not allowed to fly between May and September on certain airlines because of the temperatures) and we were cutting it fine. People who have snub-nosed breeds, be it cat or dog should be aware of this. They must also be up to date with their vaccination records. 

Pets traveling from Dubai are not allowed in the cabin with their owners but are transported as cargo. Do you need a special animal carrier in which they must make the journey? Yes, cats have to be put in cargo. They need an IATA (The International Air Transport Association) approved crate and must be airline compliant according to your animals’ size. Because my cats are all snub-nosed, I had to purchase larger sized crates to ensure good air flow throughout their flight. I purchased these from

How did your cats handle the trip? How did you handle bring separated from them while on the plane? Did your cats talk to you when you were finally reunited, or did they give you the cold shoulder? I think the cats were better than me! I was very emotional with a huge sense of guilt for having to put them through such a trip. But leaving them was never an option, they are our family and where we go they go. I definitely worried more than I needed too. Rodney was very excited to get out of his crate! He's very laid back, so nothing really phases him. Mr. Jeeves and Penelope are a little more sensitive but were surprisingly better than I thought. They all wanted cuddles and were just very intrigued to discover their new surroundings. It's definitely toughened them up, made them more resilient with change. I would be far less worried if I ever have to relocate them to a new country again.

How are your cats adjusting to being in the UK? They are loving the feel of grass on their little pads! All three wait by the door every morning to be let outside. They are enjoying hearing the birds, catching insects and just loving being outdoors, that alone made the stress worth it. For them to have the outdoors in their little lives and see them enjoying it is just amazing.


Price for three cats to the UK with DKC AED13,500
(Excludes crates and price varies depending on UK airport)

Crates were purchased from

Anne Lamond also used DKC recently for her big move back to the UK...

“Dubai Kennels & Cattery took all the stress out of the move, and were excellent dealing with all the paperwork. It was obvious that they cared very much about our 5 cats during the whole process. We’ll definitely be using them again in November when we transport our final 2 cats back to UK”

We also highly recommend:

Pawsome Pets

Call/WhatsApp 050 465 9127
Facebook and Instagram @pawsomepetsuae


Pet Express LLC

Call/WhatsApp 050 724 2588 (Linda) or 052 683 7109 (Alison) 
Facebook @petexpressuae



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  • shohel ahmed

    thank you for your advice. I will try.
    i know about a pets transportation company.

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