MAY'S CATS OF THE MONTH: Sake and Monito


MAY'S CATS OF THE MONTH: Sake and Monito

Names: Sake and Monito
Ages: 2 years 10 months (Sake) and 2 years 6 months (Monito)
Home: DIFC

So, tell us your story... how did you guys meet your mom Natasha? 
Sake: I was adopted at 4 months old. A kind lady found me on a golf course, I was so scared and some bigger cats had attacked me and scratched my eye. She took me home, nursed me back to health and put my picture up on The Bin Kitty Collective Facebook page. My mommy fell in love with me the very first time she came to meet me, even though my tummy wasn't feeling very good and I was a stinky little ball of fur. 
Monito: I was adopted at 12 weeks old. Someone found me wandering around the streets with a bad case of kitty flu. They took me to The Veterinary Hospital, but didn't come back for me. I was in a small cage and very unhappy there (as you can see in the picture below). Mommy thought Sake needed a baby brother to keep him company and that's how I meowed my way into my forever home with the best big brother ever. 

You have LOADS of toys, but which is your favourite?
Sake: While it's true I do have many toys, my favourite is the Cat Dancer toy. It's the only thing that makes me run around... well that and chasing little bugs.  
Monito: I love all feather toys, but my favourite is my Go Cat Da Bird feather wand toy. I can chase it around all day long. Even if my mum is too tired after a long day at work, I still make sure I meow enough at the toy so that she has to bring it out. 
If you both had jobs, what would they be?
Sake: I would be mum's personal bodyguard. I don't like leaving her alone at all, not even in the bathroom... I even make sure I sleep on her pillow every night to keep bad dreams away.
Monito: I would definitely be the best alarm clock because I don't have a snooze button... oh and also a professional sunbather. Gotta get my tan on. 
What's the best way to start the day?
Sake: Snuggling in bed with mum and purring non-stop so that she starts her day all calm and happy.
Monito: Breakfast at 5am!!! because, who needs to wait for the sun to rise.
What quirks do you have?
Sake: I like sitting like a human. 
Monito: Sometimes I fall asleep while grooming myself with my tongue sticking out.

What is something you will NEVER do again?
Sake and Monito: Eat any kind of flowers because mom will never ever bring flowers into our house for our own safety. 
You've won Dhs. 300 to spend at My Cat & Co. What will you buy with your winnings?
Sake: A harness and leash. I think I'm finally old enough to start exploring the neighbourhood with mom. 
Monito: My favourite Kong Incline scratcher. My current one is in pieces but I still love it so much... I sometimes even sleep on it.
Which three words best describe your friendship?
Best Frenemies Forever
What's the most annoying thing your hooman does?
Sake: She keeps picking me up and smothering me with kisses... I'm supposed to be an apex predator!  
Monito: Not share her Nando's chicken and ice cream with me. 
If you could choose one thing to eat for the rest of your lives, what would it be?
Sake: Duck and rabbit treats
Monito: OMG! What kind of a meaningless existence would that be!

Thank you Sake, Monito and Natasha and congratulations on winning a Dhs. 300 gift voucher to spend at :) Happy shopping!


  • Razl

    You are such a great mother to them….will you please teach me sometime?

  • Hiba

    Natasha , Sake & Monito, you are an adorable family💕

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